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Some organizations & social services offering assistance & advice to Israel's elderly

Hebrew: עמותות, ארגוני התנדבות וסיוע לקשישים


Alzheimer Association of Israel
Tel: 03-5341274


Melabev - Alzheimer support
Tel: 02-666-6198 or 1-700-70-4533


Eshel - Association for Planning & Development of Services for the Aged in Israel
Tel: 02-5662718


Israel Association for Osteoporosis & Bone Disease
Tel: 03-9274040
Israel Association of Senior Citizens
Tel: 03-6050660
Kav LeZaken - Assistance Line for theElderly
Hotline: 1-700-501-200
Legal Information and Aid to theElderly
Tel: 1-800-132-222
Lifeline for the Elderly
Tel: 02-6287829
Law in the Service of the Elderly
Tel: 04-9885546

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