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Olive "Oy"l

A report on the Israel olive oil industry.

olive oil

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By popular demand we are re-publishing this report:

For those who do not understand Hebrew well, or missed the broadcast, the Channel 10 TV program Kolbotek on 24th April, 2013 reported their investigations of the olive oil industry in Israel. They broadcasted their findings as follows:

Some oils, being sold as Olive oil, are actually blends of Soya and Canola oil.

Olive oil that is meant for use in the cosmetics industry, NOT fit for human consumption, is being passed of as high-quality edible olive oil and is being sold in supermarkets.

When you buy olive oil make sure it has a quality control seal of approval.

Local products were sent to a laboratory in Italy for testing. These are the results:

The following products are NOT fit for human consumption:

  • Gaya
  • Adama
  • Kidmat Hagalil
  • Shifra and Mesha (mostly sold in health food stores and some supermarkets).
  • These products are manufactured by 2 companies: Evo & Hosen.

From their sample testing, the following products ARE fit for human consumption:

  • Zeita
  • Etz Zayit
  • Shufersal
  • Yad Mordechai
  • Meshek Ahiya

In a sample testing, at the time the TV program was broadcast, the olive oil used in 3 coffee shop/restaurants chains: Cafe Cafe, Greg's & Aroma, the findings were that most of the olive oil they served, was not pure olive oil but a blend of soya and canola oils.  It was subsequently reported that these eateries had rectified the problem and were now serving pure olive oil in their establishments.

Extra information:

The acidity level of olive oil, for human consumption, should not exceed 0.8%. Check the labeling.

Misrad Habriut, the Ministry of Health, has been investigating & preparing a report on the olive oil market for the past 6 months. They hope to have it complete and published in the near future.

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