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The Shopping Habits of the Anglo Community in Israel

Survey Results - November 2014


Newcomers to Israel often ask where the best places are to shop, the best products and the best deals. Israel's Anglo community has different standards, expectations and shopping habits. We are all tempted by special offers and appealing adverts in the media, but if we are disciplined, manage our finances and curb our spending, we can save enough money to take a short holiday every year!!!

Our recent survey "Living Comfortably in Israel" was well received by the community.  So we designed a new survey wherein we explored our shopping habits.  Three hundred people participated in the survey.  Statistics acknowledge that the margin of error with this number of respondents is 6%. The respondents come from a cross section of the community.  The survey was advertised in English speaking Facebook groups across the country.  It was also advertised on the local list serves. Members of our mailing list were also invited to participate as were all visitors to the site.  We asked that only residents of Israel participate.  A very small percentage of respondents did not adhere to this request.  The youngest respondent was 19 years old and the oldest was 84.

Here are the survey results and respondents' comments


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