Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Israel Second Hand Websites

One man's junk is another man's treasure


Whether you are looking for cheap, second hand furniture, a reliable second hand car, a previously loved wedding dress or you just want to clear the 'boidum' (Heb: attic) and make some extra money, second hand websites are the way to go. 

The Hebrew site - Yad2 (Hebrew: second hand) is one of the most popular with some 1/2 million ads running at a time.

WinWin is another general Hebrew 2hand Israel sales website

CraigsList never really took off in Israel

There are quite a number of product specific second-hand websites like; Aquamarina for boats and marine goods and Marmalada for lifestyle, fashion and accessories.

anglo services

Amazon and Ebay are always options but for English speakers in Israel, Facebook seems to have the edge with lots of buy, sell and swap regional and national groups.  Remember, Facebook posts are not indexed and so sorting through and finding the ad for the Samsung Galaxy phone posted last week, is very time consuming and often not successful.

Online second-hand trading remains a challenge for Anglo olim and in the meantime, improving your Hebrew and learning key words and phrases is the best solution to selling your junk and finding your treasure.


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