Sunday, 21 April 2019
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Surveys & polls on all aspects of life in Israel reflecting the opinions of the English speaking community.


Aliyah - August 2017

A collaboration between The University of Haifa and the Anglo-List on life satisfaction among Anglo olim

Driver's License - January 2016

60 percent of immigrant drivers get their license the very first time they do the test

Aliyah - October 2015

What are the main frustrations of Aliyah?

Health Funds - July 2015

A Brookdale survey.  Maccabi Health Services maintains its position for the highest level of satisfaction among policyholders, Kupat Holim Leumit gets particularly...

Vehicles & Car Ownership - May 2015

30 per cent of the community choose not to own or cannot afford to own a vehicle.

Housing - January 2015

A survey measuring the housing needs and real estate trends in the Anglo community

Employment - November 2014

Are you working in your chosen field or have you been forced to seek a new career path? Are you being exploited or discriminated against?

Shopping - November 2014

The shopping habits of the Anglo community. Are our expectations being met?

Living comfortably in Israel - October 2014

What are the things I need and want in order for me to say "I am living comfortably in Israel"