Sunday, 18 April 2021
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Owning a Car or Vehicle in Israel - Survey Results

Having a vehicle means not waiting for hours for local public transport. It means the freedom to come and go as you please. Even with immigrant rights (Aliyah benefits), owning a car in Israel is expensive and many olim never manage to buy a car - new or even 2nd hand.

Our latest survey explores car ownership in Israel among the Anglo community. In previous surveys we established that 61% of our readers are women - 39% are men. We also know that 73% of our audience are in the 25 - 64 age range. Finally, the average household income in Israel is 14,000 shekels. We therefore did not ask these questions in this survey.

This survey was promoted on the local list serves as well as on various Facebook groups.  Members of these groups live all over the country, have various religious beliefs and financial and other resources. 192 respondents participated in the survey.

Survey Results

 vehicle survey results 1

vehicle survey results 2

vehicle survey results 3

vehicle survey results 4

vehicle survey results 5

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