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Highway 22 Haifa - The Bay Highway

Latest update - road closure.

Highway 22 in Haifa, also known as the Bay Highway (Hebrew: כביש 22 - Kvish 22) is a suburban freeway which connects the city of Haifa with its satellite towns, the Krayot, and then continues northwards to the ancient and historical town of Akko (Acre).


Haifa Municipality have just announced that the off-ramp section of Route 22 leading to Paz Bridge (Gesher Paz) will be closed, for the construction of a bridge, as follows:

  • 25/8/19 to 29/8/19 from 21:00 to 05:00 the next day
  • 1/9/19 to 5/9/10 from 9pm to 5am the next day

Haifa Municipality Hebrew notification

חסימת הירידה מכביש 22 לגשר פז לצורך עבודות להקמת גשר 
25/8 עד 29/8 החל מהשעה 21:00 ועד 05:00 בבוקר למחרת
1/9 עד 5/9 החל מהשעה 21:00 ועד 05:00 בבוקר למחרת

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