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Regulations for loading the Rav Kav.

New regulations for loading the Rav Kav came into effect on 8th March, 2018.  Take note!

 loading the rav kav multi-transport ticket

The Rav Kav smart card

The Rav Kav multi-transport ticket ensures that in case of loss, theft or malfunction, you can easily restore the balance on it. But, has loading the Rav Kav been made easier?

Where can I load the Rav Kav?

Until now, one could  load the pre-purchased Rav-Kav smart multi-transport ticket at selected sales points (at bus stations), from vending machines at bus stops and train stations and directly from the bus driver.  However, commencing 8th March 2018, it will no longer be possible to load multi-line transport tickets on the bus in Jerusalem.  Passengers will have to recharge the rav-kav via the sales points, online or via the Rav-Kav app.

This decision was made by the Ministry of Transport in order to save the driver precious time.  It is hoped that by eliminating direct payment to the bus driver, buses will now be able to reach their destinations on time. This policy will expand to all parts of the country.

There will no longer be the option to purchase a single, paper ticket from the bus driver. The only payment option on the bus will be via the pre-loaded Rav-Kav card. 

This new system will be implemented in Jerusalem first.  Rav Kav cards will also be loadable at the nine branches of café chain Cofix in Jerusalem.

For some years The Ministry of Transport has wanted to reduce or eliminate the drivers involvement in ticket sales.  From a safety point of view, ticket sales on the bus created distractions for the driver.  It is also hoped that delays and travel times will be reduced and that timetables will be adhered to.  If you are using apps like Moovit and Efobus, you will know that the listed scheduled arrival times are mostly inaccurate.

The system of pre-paid tickets, without the involvement of the bus driver, has been put into effect in numerous countries around the world also as a safety precaution and to reduce journey times.  The Haifa Metronit already operates this way and it is not possible to purchase even a single-ride ticket from the driver. Is this the most convenient thing in the world? No, not really, but like everything else we will get used to it.

How do I validate my ride on the Rav Kav when entering a bus?

There are two options to validate your Rav Kav; firstly you can validate it on the electronic reader located as you enter the front door of the bus, next to the bus driver.  The second option, on certain bus routes only it is also possible to validate your pre-paid Rav-Kav smart, multi-transport ticket via the electronic reader located near the back door of the bus.

Tip for loading the Rav Kav

When you load your Rav Kav on one of the vending machines, please make sure you select the correct transport company; Egged, Dan, Superbus etc.  A recent mistake in this selection took 3 days to resolve.


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