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Hallelujah! The new Carmelit is on its way...

new carmelit

Loading the Carmelit in Switzerland - Image credit:

Following the closure of the Carmelit underground in Haifa, as a result of a large fire,  the first two coaches of the new Carmelit began their journey to Haifa on Friday morning. The coaches were loaded onto a ferry on the Rhine River in Switzerland where they will make their way to the port of Antwerp, Belgium.  The coaches are expected to arrive in Haifa on June 26, 2018 About a week later, an additional two additional coaches will join them. At the beginning of July, the coaches will be moved into the tunnel.  The Carmelit is expected to be operational in early September.

It has been reported that the cost of the new coaches is 50 million shekels.

The capacity of each train is 264 people (sitting and standing room) in each direction - a total of 528 passengers.


Click here to watch the video of the old Carmelit being lifted from the ground. Video credit: Haifa Municipality

 carmelit video



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