Friday, 14 December 2018
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What is the meaning of the word Gushpnanka - גשפנקה

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So you've been in Israel for a decade or more (or perhaps a bit less) and you are still learning new Hebrew words in your workplace, from your Israeli friends and hopefully also from the media. All of a sudden you'll come across a new word that leaves you baffled. It does not sound like anything you've ever heard before, it's difficult to trace its root form (the 3 letter word that is the basis of most Hebrew words) and it sticks in your mind for days - you have to find out what it means.

This week that word is גשפנקה - Gushpanka. גשפנקה - Gushpanka!! גשפנקה - Gushpanka??

What is גשפנקה - Gushpanka?

The Oxford Hebrew Dictionary defines גשפנקה - Gushpanka as an authorization or seal (of approval).  The words Ishur -אישור or Harsha'a - הרשאה are also used for this purpose.

Morfix online Hebrew dictionary adds the Hebrew word נתן - Natan before גשפנקה - like this - נתן גשפנקה and they translate it as; to approve or to validate (gave approval, give validation)

WikiDictionary tell us that גשפנקה - Gushpanka is an Aramaic word.  It references two uses of the word in the Talmud Bavli, see here.  Another example of its meaning:  "An official stamp of authorization by person/institution on a document, on conduct or action". 

Finally, WikiDictionary translates it to 'legitimization'.


Now that you have mastered the meaning of גשפנקה - Gushpanka, you can learn more new Hebrew words, anagrams, homonyms, acronyms, abbreviations and other fun things...