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Haifa Carmelit underground subway opens again after 18 months.

new carmelit

Image: The new Carmelit - Golomb Bnei Zion Station

A fire in February 2017 damaged the Carmelit.  The cause of the fire is not clear but a technical or electrical fault was suspected.

After 18 months of intensive repairs, Haifa's underground subway finally reopened on Thursday, October 4th, 2018. The subway has been refurbished with new carriages and a new main cable.  The cost of the entire refurbishment was 100 million Shekels.

The Carmelit underground subway works on a funicular system - 2 carriages travel in each direction, one pulling the other.  The carriages meet in the middle.

The Carmelit has 6 stations:

1. Gan HaEm in the Central Carmel

2. Golomb/Bnei Zion

3. Massada

4. HaNeviim

5. Solel Boneh

6. Kikar Paris (Paris Square downtown)

It takes around 8 mins to travel the entire line.

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