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Learn Hebrew - Sukkot Words & Phrases

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Aliyah refers to an honor that is given to a person who is chosen to  go up to read from the Torah.  This is especially significant on Simchat Torah (the last day of Sukkot) when we read the last chapter of Deuteronomy and the first chapter of Genesis.

The word Aliyah also refers to immigration to Israel.

Circles Hakafot or circling; this refers to a celebratory circling - dancing, singing and holding the Torah - practiced on Sukkot and Simchat Torah  הקפות
Citron Etrog - one of the 4 species  אתרוג
Four species Arba Minim ארבע מינים
Genesis Bereishit - the first chapter of the first  book of the Torah which we read on Simchat Torah - the last day of Sukkot.  בראשית
Giving thanks Hallel - a collection of prayers and psalms giving thanks.  Holiday blessings...  הלל
Guests 'Ushpizin' is the traditional practice of inviting guests to your Sukkah especially the poor. אושפיזין
Intermediate days Chol Hamoed refers to the intermediate days of Sukkot between the 1st and 7th day in Israel or between the 2nd and 8th days in the Diaspora.  The customary greeting for Chol Hamoed is 'Moadim LeSimcha'  חול המועד
Myrtle Hadas - one of the 4 species  הדס
Palm branch Lulav - one of the 4 species לולב
Rain Geshem - prayers for rain are recited during Sukkot  גשם
Roof of foliage Schach is the foliage used to build a roof for the Sukkah.  Traditionally we use Palm leaves for Schach but today many people use bamboo branches or mats. סכך
Tabernacle/booth Sukkah - Jews are commanded to dwell; live and eat in a Sukkah for the duration of the festival.  The plural of the word Sukkah is Sukkot. סוכה
Three festivals Shloshah Regalim refers to the 3 major festivals; Pesach, Shavuot & Sukkot שלושה רגלים
Willow Arava - one of the 4 species ערבה