Sunday, 18 November 2018

Israel's National News of the Day.

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israel national dialy news headlinesRoad Safety

Under 16s caught riding an electric bicycle will have their bikes confiscated and will have to wait a year longer to obtain a driving license.


Israel eyes 90% mortgages to make home buying more affordable


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Bringing Israeli expertise back home

A total of 11% of Israeli doctoral graduates since 1981 have spent at least three years abroad by 2017. That means those benefiting from over one-tenth of Israel's brightest academic minds are non-Israelis.

Some 33,000 or 5.8% of recipients of all Israeli academic degrees between the academic years 1980-81 and 2010-11 spent at least three years living abroad by 2017.

Real Estate & Construction

The average rent for an apartment in Israel was NIS 3,826.50 monthly in the second quarter, just under 1% more than in the first quarter. The rise is 1.5% in comparison with the final quarter of 2017, and 2.44% in comparison with the average for 2017 as a whole.


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