Sunday, 05 April 2020
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The Mayor of Haifa - Yona Yahav - greets new Anglo olim

Hebrew: ברכות מראש העיר של חיפה - יונה יהב 


yahavI am pleased to see that the English speaking oleh community of Haifa is growing and contributing to the city and its development.  Haifa is a special city, with a multicultural society - its residents coming from all different communities around the world. 

Haifa's natural beauty, the sea, mountain and forests all add to its appeal.

Residents, new immigrants, returning residents, young and old are able to benefit from the many employment opportunities, the fine educational institutions, the strong infrastructure and a wealth of other resources.

The Anglo-list is a wonderful initiative and a great resource for English speaking olim.  Private initiatives go a long way in helping the oleh community in Haifa and the rest of Israel as well.  This site will help with your integration. Your full integration will further the prosperity, development and cultural aspects of the city of Haifa which are of benefit to all of us.

With my best wishes,

Yona Yahav

Mayor of Haifa


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