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How do you say chairman in Hebrew? A new term and abbreviation.

how do you say chairman in hebrew

The Hebrew term for 'Chairman' is 'Yoshev Rosh' - יושב ראש

You would use this word to describe any chairman; chairman of the board, chairman of a steering committee, chairman of the parents'-teachers committee etc.  It is also used in reference to the Speaker of the Knesset.


English Hebrew  Transliteration Abbreviation
 Chairman יושב ראש Yoshev Rosh



The abbreviation is יו"ר and in a Hebrew sentence you would use this abbreviation and refer to the chairman as the YOR or plural YORIM.  Here is an example:

English: Yuli Edelstein was the speaker of the Knesset

Transliteration: Yuli Edelstein haya ha'yor shel haknesset

Hebrew:יולי אדלשטיין היה היו"ר של הכנסת


Here is another example:

English: Moshe is the chairman of the committee

Transliteration: Moshe yor havaada

Hebrew: משה יו"ר הוועדה


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