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What is תחב"צ? How do you say public transport in Hebrew?

Abbreviations are commonly used in daily Hebrew conversation. Throughout the Corona crisis we have heard the media constantly talking about 'Challat" - the abbreviation for leave of absence without pay.  Here is another commonly used abbreviation and one that you will hear a lot about in the next day - 'Tachbatz'.

how do you say public transport in hebrew

"Tachbatz" is the abbreviated form for "Tachbura Tziborit" - public transport.


English Hebrew Transliteration Abbreviation
Public Transport תחבורה ציבורית Tachbura Tziborit



Here is how you would use it in a sentence:

From tomorrow there will be no public transport

M'Machar lo yihyee Tachbatz

ממחר לא יהיה תחב"צ


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