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Israel's worldwide air travel restrictions because of coronavirus.

As of 8pm 09.03.2020 all travelers arriving in Israel, from anywhere in the world, are required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.  This is further to the recent Israel MOH guidelines and travel restrictions which were aimed at containing the spread of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus. Until now only travelers from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, San Marino, Spain and selected Middle East countries had to enter a 14 day period of quarantine.


Travel restrictions are now in place for all of Israel's residents and and tourists.  Israel residents are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.  If tourists entering Israel can prove that they can self-quarantine for the required period, they will be allowed to enter Israel, if not, they will be denied entry. This decision will be reviewed in 2 weeks.

The Israel Ministry of Health is asking that tourists follow these five guidelines:

1) Call Magen David Adom if they experience any symptoms

2) Pay careful attention to personal hygiene

3) Stay away from public gathering

4) Understand that they cannot exit and then re-enter the country and

5) Report on their whereabouts while in Israel

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