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How to get the 'Green Tag' - Israel's green pass.

The Green Tag is the new name for what was originally called the Green Passport - Israel's official certification that you have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. 

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Commencing February 21st, 2020 the Green Tag allows vaccinated and recovered citizens

  • Entrance to health studios, cultural and sporting events, hotels, public swimming pools, exhibitions and houses of worship. Green Tag holders will be required to present their 'tags' upon entering these facilities.
  • Exemption from quarantine when returning to Israel
  • Exemption from quarantine after coming in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient.
  • Automatic access to “green islands” without being required to undergo Coronavirus testing
  • In the near future, some countries are expected to grant entrance to vaccinated Israelis without requiring them to quarantine upon entering their borders.

How to get the Green Tag

Important to note that vaccinated citizens can only apply for the Green Tag one week after receiving the second dose of the vaccination.

  1. The Green Tag can be downloaded via the Israel's Ministry of Health's Ramzor app (available on both the Apple and Google app stores)
  2. The Green Pass can also be accessed on the Ministry of Health's website (where you can also download your Vaccination Certificate or Certificate of Recovery.
  3. If you do not have digital or online access to download your Tag, you can call the Ministry of Health hotline on *5400 from any phone and they can send it via 'snail mail'.

The is currently a system overload and you may not be able to download the Green Pass immediately.  According to the MOH for at least the next two weeks, a vaccination certificate can be used instead of the Green Pass.

Stranded abroad?

If you are one of the many who are fully vaccinated yet currently stranded abroad due to the closure of Israeli skies, you may not be able to download the Ramzor app as authorized access may not be available from your current location.