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Finding a Job in Israel

Results of our Employment Poll


Making Aliyah or relocating to Israel you may need to start your job search while you are still abroad.  In a later article, we will give you some tips for conducting a long distance job search and making the seemingly impossible possible.

In an attempt to asses the employment problems and the work related anxieties that new immigrants (olim) face after they have made Aliyah, we designed a poll and asked for the community to participate.

There were 12 options and respondents were asked to select one.


Summary of the Results

  1. Salaries and social benefits top the list.  A huge frustration for new immigrants when they discover that salaries in Israel are much lower and they will probably need to make significant changes to their lifestyle as a result.
  2. In spite of Israel's Equal Opportunity Law, almost 10 per-cent of respondents are encountering discrimination in the job market in some form or another; age, gender, health and religious beliefs are most common.
  3. Insufficient Hebrew skills are a big issue and we encourage you to make every effort to learn and improve your Hebrew.  It is clear that most job applicants realize the need for a Hebrew resume - they are having their resumes translated and are coping with tailoring them to local requirements and job specific requirements.
  4. Nearly 14 per-cent of respondents are disillusioned and worn down by their job search - they have applied for so many jobs without results and their job applications are never acknowledged.  This is a cultural thing - if you want to make sure that your resume has been received or want to follow-up on an interview - just pick up the phone and call.
  5. There is a shortage of employment in the smaller cities and towns and we are finding more and more people are forced to travel further and further in order to find jobs - a one hour commute is quite common these days.  Thousands of people are commuting daily to Tel Aviv where they have managed to secure a job.
  6. As expected, a combination of these issues are affecting us and nearly 23 per-cent of respondents confirmed this.  A small percentage are experiencing other issues as well.

Actual Results

employment poll

10 per-cent of us feel we are being discriminated against in-spite of Israel's equal opportunity law


Overcoming Unemployment

6 Handy Tips

  • Jobs can become obsolete over time.  Update your skills to keep up with changes in technology in this era.
  • Take courses if you can - this will be money well spent.  Misrad Haklitah offers many subsidized courses for new immigrants. 
  • As hard as this may be from a financial point of you, volunteer in places where you can build up skills and contacts.  Getting out of the house, even if it is only one day a week, will help boost your morale.
  • You are never too old to freelance.  Websites like, and have thousands upon thousands of contractors who offer services that range anywhere from sending out mass emails, appointment setting, writing, editing, translations as well as highly technical services like web development, programming etc.
  • It almost goes without say today, build up your network on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media.  Most people will try to help if they can.
  • If there is a job fair, you need to be there.

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