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Careers & Jobs for English & Foreign Language Speakers in Israel

15 Employment Tips

Hebrew: עבודה לדוברי שפות בישראל - עצות וטיפים

What might be common practice in your country of origin, may not necessarily work in Israel or be acceptable here. Certain aspects of the job-hunt are unique to this country.  Here are a selection of tips by Israeli employment experts.


1. Job Tracking System

Implement a job tracking system for yourself.  It could  be a simple form, a mobile app or other software for yourself but it must include the following details: date, company name, job title/description, contact person, contact details and the source the job listing (LinkedIn, newspaper, website etc.)


2. Language Requirements

Should a job require proficiency in a specific language, submit your resume in that language. If you submit a resume in another language,  it will probably be rejected.


3.  Translate your Resume

Many of the local employment agencies provide on-line tips for writing and examples of resumes.  Follow their advice and incorporate them into your resume.  Once you have compiled your resume have it professionally translated.  It is worth the expense.


4. Proofread your Resume

Your resume makes the initial impression.  If you submit a resume with spelling, grammar and/or other mistakes, you won't give a very good first impression.


5. Include a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is critical.   Not including a cover letter gives the impression that you are sending your resume anywhere and everywhere, and not taking the time or energy to apply for that particular job.  Refrain from writing your entire resume in the cover letter. A short introduction highlighting why you are uniquely qualified for the position, is enough. 


6. A Well Designed Resume

  • Make sure that your resume is no more than 2 pages and do not use a font smaller than 11 pitch - Arial 11 is recommended.
  • Some sources suggest the use of color - writing the companies names in a different color can make it easier for the potential employer to follow up. Only use one contrasting color
  • Send your resume as WORD document rather than PDF.  This way the potential employer can track, add comments and make notes directly on the document.


7. Education & Work Experience

Education vs Work Experience - what comes first? If you studied at a well known university place that on the top page, however if you studied at an unknown university but your career path is impressive – place  your education at the bottom.


8. Special Awards & Prizes

Mention every prize or award received from previous employers.  Top grades in your studies must be mentioned as well.


9. Volunteer Activities

Include your volunteer activites only if they are relevant to your career and work experience. 


10.  Previous Employers

Write a very brief description about the companies you've worked for in the past - 2 lines is sufficient.


11. Job Requirements

Read the job requirements carefully.  The requirements are there for a reason. If you are going to send a resume for a position that is not aligned with your experience, then make sure you include relevant and compelling selling points in your cover letter.


12. Connect Directly

If the job posting stipulate an email address to submit resumes - use it.  Unless specifically stated, do NOT communicate via Social Networks. Don't expect a prospective employer to find your resume in your LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook pages. This is an inconvenience to the potential employer.


13. Salary Negotiations

Do not ask about the salary before you've had at least an initial interview.


14.  The Interview

If you are invited for an interview, be sure to bring extra copies of your resume. Do not expect the interviewer to have a copy.


15. Israel Minimum Wage & Rights of Employees

Familiarize yourself with the Israel Minimum Wage Law and the basic legal rights of employees


Bonus Tip

Pay attention to the name you give to your resume when sending it as an attachment to an email or together with an online submission form.  Here are a few bad examples to illustrate our point:

  1. My CV.docx
  2. Resume - Sept 14.docx
  3. Resume Eng version / Heb version.docx

Now, a good example

Israel Israeli Technical Writer Hebrew Resume January 2017.docx. 

  1. Make sure you standout and include your name in the title.  An H.R. person will not be bothered to sort through 20 documents all called 'Resume' just to find yours.
  2. Include the position you are applying for.  H.R. companies get hundreds of resumes a day for a variety of positions.
  3. Always try to send a Hebrew resume unless otherwise stipulated
  4. Make sure the date is current - you don't want the H.R. person to think that you haven't bothered to update your resume in  years or even if you did update it, make the effort to update the document name too.  Pay attention to small details.



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