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Jonathan Levin, LCSW - Israel Therapist & Social Worker

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Jonathan Levin, LCSW - Israel Therapist & Social Worker
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Jonathan Levin (+)

Katzrin, Israel

Medical, Health & Wellness
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I am a licensed clinical social worker from the United States, with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, families and groups.

My experience includes working with children experiencing social difficulties, that have nonverbal learning disabilities as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Part of that work is coaching the parents helping them get the assistance they need to best support their children.

I also work with children and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental health diagnoses.  I consult with children and families who are experiencing social issues like loss, separation, divorce and many Aliyah related issues.

Together with their families, I assist the elderly and help them manage their grief and age related circumstances.

In addition to personal consultations in my clinic, I offer online therapy throughout Israel which allows for flexible and convenient scheduling.

I help people tell their stories and work to empower them, create goals and give them the tools to control their lives by making changes, however big or small.

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  • Insightful, Inspiring and a Mensch!


    Jonathan is a warm, caring and insightful therapist for children and adults. I can not recommend him highly enough. I am a counselor myself and know quality when I come across it!!!
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  • Exellent support for parents of a special needs child


    Jonathan provides our family invaluable support. We are having Skype sessions with him and I highly recommend to turn to Jonathan if you need help as parents of a special needs child. 
    Jonathan understands complex situations involving various difficulties, looks for possible solutions both for short term and long term effect and brings his vast experience and understanding to help our family. 
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  • Recommended Therapist


    Jonathan is a dedicated and compassionate therapist. He is insightful, accommodating and very helpful. I strongly recommend his to anyone who needs a therapist.
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  • Dave


    Jonathan does excellent work. Not only is he good at listening and offering insightful comments, but he is flexible and easy to work with while scheduling and taking care of the basic logistics. Not only that, but he brings a uniquely Jewish experience to therapy. I highly recommend him. 
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  • Great therapist


    I give Jonathan an excellent recommendation!  He is thorough, easy to work with, caring, and skilled.  He is able to work with people who have many different emotional, organizational, and psychological issues.
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