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Kef International Relocations Ltd

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Kef International Relocations Ltd
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Kef International Ltd. is the oldest Aliya shipping company in Israel, based in Jerusalem.  Staffed exclusively by Olim, Kef gives you a level of service which is unsurpassed, and we do everything we to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.  We do our best to make your move stress free and to give you peace of mind.  Kef’s commitment to excellence, to its customers, and to constantly improving its services allows you to enjoy the benefits of our 37 years in business.  We specialize in Aliyah ShippingShipping to IsraelShipping from IsraelCorporate Relocations, and Fine Arts.

Since 1979, Kef International Ltd. has relocated thousands of homes and businesses internationally, offering the highest level of service from start to finish. In our 37 years, we have built up an extensive network of trusted agents around the world.   We  offer each customer a custom-tailored move at a competitive price.

Dealing with Kef means dealing with one company, a company with long-term, high-quality relationships with the best agents and partners around the world.  Come see how we can help you move with confidence and peace of mind.

NORTH AMERICA  +1.866.425.5224 



ISRAEL +972.2.673.5043


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    i could not believe it - it is only 3 guys working in the basement of the owner's house.  no expertise, no knowledge and they have no licensing for shipping or moving or customs brokering.  scared me away.  i am glad i checked.
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