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 The Automated Answering Machine at Kupat Holim Maccabi

Hebrew English Translation

What are they saying?  What does it mean? It is so annoying – I don't understand!

Please note: Anglo-List has provided this translation for your convenience and it is not the service provider's official translation.


Maccabi Quick Dial Telephone Number:  *3555

Welcome to Maccabi Health Services

For Hebrew – press 1

For Arabic – press 2

For Russian – press 3

For English – press 4 (It should be noted that some services are only offered in Hebrew)

For French - press 5


Sign up for Maccbi Sheli supplementary health insurance - press *2

For Appointments  and cancellations -press 1

Physicians & specialists - press 1

X-ray & Ultrasound - press 2

Outpatients and specialized clinics - press 3

Nurses' station - press 4

Testing and laboratories - press 5

Dieticians - press 5

For addresses, telephone numbers and hours - press 2

You are being forwarded to a customer services representative

For rights, complimentary insurance, payments and other information - press 3

For Hitchayvut -Tofes/Form 17 (payment authorization) - press 1

For a customer service representative - press 2

For website assistance - press*3

Please note that conversations may be recorded for quality control purposes

You are being transferred to a customer services representative

For medical consultation centers and advice - press 4

For an appointment at the nurses station - press 1

For test results - press 2

For a consultation with a nurse - press 3

For breastfeeding and lactation - press 4

For pregnancy and women's health - press 5

For home visits - press 6

This service is provided by the "Natalie" organization and is available in Hebrew only

For overseas travel insurance via Clal and other overseas travel, health related issues - press 7

This service is provided in Hebrew only.  Calls may be recorded for quality control purposes.

You are being transferred to the Clal Insurance Company

Please enter your 9 digit teudat zehut number and then press #

For a doctor's visit without your magnetic membership card - press 8

You can obtain authorization for a doctor's visit or a visit to Assuta - valid for the next 3 hours only

Enter your Teudat Zehut number and press #

The number you have entered is....

To confirm - press 1

Please wait for a customer service representative

To go back to the main menu at any time - press 9


Translations of the Automated Answering Machines for other health funds and public offices


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