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Learn Hebrew - Hebrew to English Translation of the Arnona Bill (Municipal Property Tax).

This is the Rehovot regional council Arnona bill. Your Arnona bill, and a digital version, might look slightly different to this one but there are certain similarities from municipality to municipality; all will include details of your property - stand number etc., the bill date and period, water meter reading and consumption.  All bills use a clearing number - Heb: Mispar Mislaka - מספר מסלקה as well as a customer or client number - Heb: Mispar Meshalem - מספר משלם

Here is a translation of a combined Arnona and water bill (Note: some water and arnona bills are separate, not all are combined).  If you are paying your household utility bills - in this case Arnona, online, watch our instructional, step-by-step video that will show you how to do so. Clear explanations and links to other useful information are also provided.

rehovot arnona and water bill


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