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Hevrat HaHashmal - The Israel Electric Company

Bi-monthly electricity bill translated from Hebrew to English 

Call 103 to pay the bill or pay online

 hebrew english translation of israel electric company electricity bill

Important Billing Information

Electricity is billed every two months.

It is very convenient to pay your electricity bill online.  Don't worry that it's Hebrew - we've taken care of that -  just follow our English instructions. 

If you do not pay your electricity by the due date then the system does not allow you to pay it online.  You will have to call 103 and pay the bill via their computerized telephone system or via a customer service rep.  You will be charged late fees for untimely payments.

Final warning to pay your bill before cut-off

Press 1 for Hebrew, 2 for Russian... Don't hassle about calling the Electric Company, press here for Hebrew English translation of their automated answering machine

Save on your electricity bill

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