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Latest information from Rav Kav Online services.

Here are the latest updates for the Rav Kav online services which we verified on their website.

New things you can do with your Rav Kav online via their website or their app. The first line of the update states in Hebrew "פותחים שנה עם רו קו אונליין" - Starting the year with Rav Kav Online however no specific date is listed. 

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1. Creating a student profile for the first time

There is no need to go to a service center (at the bus station etc.) and stand in a queue. Via your smartphone or computer, choose your route plan then upload your student card (valid for the current academic year) and an identity document (teudat zehut, drivers license or passport) to Rav Kav Online, once updated students will be able to benefit from a 50% discount on public transport. Only certain educational institutions are recognized by the Ministry of Transport - see Hebrew list here.  If you already have a student profile from last year, you can update it online.

2. Charging your Rav Kav at the Casponet

You can charge your Rav Kav at a Casponet (ATM) and pay with your credit card. There is no surcharge when you charge your Rav Kav at the Casponet.  Note that not all ATM's offer the Rav Kav service.

3. Leftover balance

Have a credit balance on your Rav Kav that you cannot use? Now you can put that balance towards another type of ticket fare. 

4. Flexible monthly ticket (hofshi hodshi)

You can load a hofshi hodshi at any time of the month and it will run for 30 days.  Until now, whether if you purchased the hofshi hodshi on the 1st of the month or on any other date, it would expire at the end of that calendar month.  It will now be valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. As of October 2018 this service has not yet come into practice.  We will update you as soon as it does.

How do I say it in Hebrew "Move towards the back of the bus"?

5. 30, 50 or 100 NIS

Until now, for any regular ticket,  you could only load your Rav Kav with 30, 50 or 100 NIS.  Now you will be able to load it with the exact amount you need.  For example if you want to load 10 rides = 59.90 NIS, you now only need to load that amount and not 100 NIS as before and then be left with an unused balance on the Rav Kav.

6. Oooops, I made a mistake!

Selected the wrong fare with your online ticket purchase? Now you can cancel it online immediately after making the purchase and get a full refund.


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