Monday, 18 February 2019
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A musical tribute to Lieutenant Colonel Ron Arad.

ron aradWe remember Lieutenant Colonel Ron Arad, an Israeli Air Force weapon systems officer who is officially classified as missing in action since the 16th October 1986, but is widely presumed dead. Arad was lost on a mission over Lebanon, captured by Shiite group Amal and was later handed over to the Hezbollah.

Arad was married to Tami and is father to a daughter, Yuval.

Info & image credit: Wikipedia

From the time that Arad went missing, efforts were made to determine his fate.  Finally in October 2016, news reports revealed that a joint investigation carried out by Mossad and IDF Military Intelligence, based on new information received over the previous two years, concluded that Arad had died in 1988.

May his memory forever be blessed.



The Song For Ron Arad

Words & Music : Ben Reuven


When Youll Come

Boaz Sharabi


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