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Haifa Festival of Festivals 2018 Free Concerts - Schedule for 8 December 2018

Enjoy one of the free concerts in the German Colony during the 2018 Haifa, Holiday of Holidays, Festivals of Festivals - חג החגים

haifa festival of festivals

Here is the schedule of free concerts and activities that will be taking place in the German Colony during the Haifa Festival of Festivals 2018 on Saturday, December 8th.

12:00pm & 15:00 - Welcome to New Orleans

The joyful music of America in the 1920s and 1930s, by way of the songs of Louis Armstrong and Sydney Basha, and old blues songs – this is the authentic delightful Dixielans music of New Orleans. An exciting experience for the entire family. 

12:30  - Stories to the sound of the rainbow

Nili Tell Me – an actress and story teller in collaboration with two musicians, take the audience together for a magical journey within the heart and the world.

13:00 & 16:00 & 18:00 & 20:00 - The Friends

Details not yet available

13:00 - The Bloomers

Joyful and raucous Irish music. The Bloomers, an Irish music band is a trio of virtuosos and they will be joined by accordionist Yuval Mann.

13:30 Dance & Beat - Shaktak

A dance-show, featuring dance styles that combine rhythm creation.

14:00 & 17:00 Tuesday Jazz

An Israeli Jazz ensemble

14:30 - The Christmas Parade

Exit from the Catholic Church (23 Ein Dor Street) towards the German Colony, led by the man of the moment - Father Christmas with local scout bands

14:30 - Zweena the Bubble Queen

A soap bubble artist.  Great entertainment for the kids.

16:30 - The Dabke Party

Traditional Arabic dances with a band of eight musicians and two Dabke dance groups. The bands will play and dance and invite the general public to learn to dance Dabke and to join the party

17:30 - The Shambuki Show

Street performers; juggling, tightrope and other acts that will delight all ages.

19:00 & 21:00 - Gypsies of the East

Details not yet available

20:45 - The Alaev Family

The Alaev family is a three-generation ensemble - gifted musicians from Tajikistan with a repertoire in the beautiful Bukharin tradition.


Note: The organizers of the Haifa Festival of Festivals reserve the right to change or cancel performances without prior notice. Information by courtesy of haifahag.com


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