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Haifa Hillel - Jewish Life on Campus

Haifa Hillel is a unique community based center, serving thousands of students and young adults at Haifa University, the Technion and other colleges throughout the city of Haifa.

Haifa Hillel strives to empower students and young adults to assume responsibility for their Jewish identity through a wide variety of programs and individual initiatives, ranging from social justice and Jewish learning to a celebration of Jewish culture through film and music!  Can’t find your choice of a program? Initiate some ideas of your own!

Haifa Hillel invites you to visit our center at Beit Hecht in the Carmel, and participate in our programs on the campuses or anywhere in the city!

Just to name a few examples:



Chaim Be'seret: Issues in Jewish Identity - A film series combined with guest speakers on relevant Jewish topics. Every movie screening focuses on a different issue relevant to young Jewish life today.




Jewish Social Leadership - The program aims at bringing students and young adults from a variety of backgrounds to learn together about social justice issues and do volunteer work in the community.




My Friend, Have You Forgotten?! (Yedidi haShachachta?!) – A series of concerts which combine traditional Jewish music (Piyut) with the modern music scene, by bringing popular Israeli musicians and a leading paitan (singer of traditional melodies) together on one stage, in an evening of music and song from a variety of cultural traditions.




Derech Eretz – Insights on Israel – The ultimate way to get you familiar with Haifa and its surroundings, history and traditions. Participate in tiyulim (hikes) in the greater Haifa area and learn about each site's historical and Jewish significance.




Beit Midrash on the Jewish calendar Year - A year-long learning study group which meets regularly to learn about the cycle of the Jewish year and designs meaningful holiday programs for their communities.

Engagement Workshop - This program, designated for young engaged couples, includes individual and group learning of Jewish sources on the marriage ceremony, its historical significance, and the Jewish values of marriage.





For further information visit the Haifa Hillel website

Send us an E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you're in Israel simply phone - 04-8103390



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