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Parshat Hashavua - Terumah

By: Rabbi Nissim Mordechai Makor


parshat hashavua terumah Rav Nissim Mordechai Makor

The Parsha starts out with Hashem speaking to Moshe saying that the Klal Yisrael should contribute for the Mishkan for the sake of Hashem’s name as Rashi explains that what is given should be not be based upon one seeking person their own agenda. Rav Nachman of Breslov spoke about how many people today confuse purpose with recognition. One might think that what they are pursuing is a purpose for the sake of Hashem, but truthfully what is happening is many are really pursuing recognition. Many today can learn and write and think to themselves that they are pursuing a proper purpose when in fact they are really pursuing their own personal recognition. Their family and community may be hurt by their actions but as long as the community on the outside perceives one to be righteous by their look, that thought of recognition as their motive for being covering up their true motivation for being active, being seen, giving charity or whatever they appear to be doing. If the recognition of their activities were taken out of the equation would they still act the same way?

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  • Our purpose in life is really simple and obvious as Hashem says in the Parsha, you should take for me:  (which includes mitzvos, learning and caring for others). Only that brings happiness! NO ONE EVER FINDS HAPPINESS looking for recognition. Yet if we look closely around us we see so many forsaking HAPPINESS for recognition which is the deep message of R’ Nachman.
  • The Me’am Loez points out in a similar vein that when one decides to give charity the greatest of the Charity is not dependent upon the size of the donation but rather on the thought behind it. One must give their heart and soul, without any outside motivation. Therefore, the two types of donation is referred to as Terumah. One is the actual money that is donated while the other is the spiritual donation, which is the giving of your heart as we have learned what comes from the heart goes to the heart. Many times a word of encouragement can save a life much more than a donation. Injecting hope and encouragement many times is the most important part of giving than anything else, the Spiritual and not just the physical.
  • When the Parsha starts out with the words “TAKE A DONATION FOR ME” and not “give a donation”. The one giving the spiritual and acting for the sake of Heaven creates an Angel due to the actions that were given From the Heart and not for Recognition.

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