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Synagogues & Religious Services in Israel

The office of the Chief Rabbinate is located in Jerusalem and it is the supreme rabbinic and spiritual authority for Judaism in Israel.  There are two Chief Rabbis - one is Ashkenazi and the other is Sephardi.  The Chief Rabbinate Council assists the two chief Rabbis who alternate in its presidency.

The Rabbinate has jurisdiction over many aspects of Jewish life in Israel; Jewish marriage and divorce, burials, Jewish conversion, kosher laws and kosher certification (kashrut), Jewish immigrants (olim) Jewish holy sites, Mikvaot (ritual baths) yeshivas and the Rabbinical Courts.

The Rabbincal Courts are part of Israel judicial system and are managed by the Ministry of Religious Services - HaMisrad LeSherutei Daat

There are Orthodox, Ashkenazi and Sephardi synagogues all over Israel.  Reform (Progressive Judaism) and Conservative congregations in the main centers, have a growing English speaking membership.  The LGBT community also offers religious activities for its members.


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