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Favorite, top-voted matzah toppings.

One of the challenges of Pesach is finding a way to make matzah palatable especially for kids and picky eaters. Sweet or savory, vegan, pescatarian, inspired by the Italian, French, Hawaiian or Eastern European kitchen, we wanted to know what the favorite matzah topping is for Pesach 2019 and if the latest trends for sandwich-fillings like Italian meatballs, Piri Piri chicken, cucumber and watercress spill over onto matzah.

Results of a fun poll in our Facebook group, show the favorite matzah toppings of all times.  Respondents were invited to add to the list and no distinction between kitniyot or kitniyot-free was made.

What we know about our respondents

This was a fun poll - nothing scientific but we do have some information and demographics on the respondents.

  • The average age of respondents is 45 and we can safely say that they have eaten a fair amount of Matzah in their lifetimes.
  • Approximately 30 per cent of respondents are male.
  • About 70 per cent of respondents come from Israel's English speaking Oleh community and currently live in Israel.
  • Although close to 70 per cent of respondents live in Israel not one single person voted for Hummous (which is kitniyot), an Israeli staple, as a favorite matzah topping.

A total of 240 votes were collected - one was for ham-and-cheese which we felt had no place in a Pesach survey and so the results listed here are based on 239 votes instead.

favorite matzah toppings

Butter, in spite of the current shortage in Israel still ranks as the number one matzah topping. Gratefully, imported spreadable butters ensure that this snack is ready to eat within seconds and also prevents broken pieces of matzah and matzah crumbs everywhere.

If you are interested in the Halacha regarding Vegemite or Marmite (yeast extract) we suggest you ask your Rabbi or religious authority. 

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