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Medications Kosher for Pesach - תרופות כשרות לפסח

medications kosher for pesach

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Are your medications kosher for Pesach? Make sure!

The Torah lays out a whole system of dietary laws that Jews observe throughout the year;  the separation meat and dairy, the rule against eating certain animals, the regulations for kosher slaughter and the prohibition of eating certain parts of certain animals.

When Pesach arrives, an additional set of dietary rules apply for the length of the holiday. Jews are prescribed from eating any foods that contain leaven or leavening agents (chametz).

When it comes to medication certain medications are permitted during the year even though they are not kosher. When Pesach comes, the question arises whether the restrictions of Passover would preclude their use.

A patient who is not seriously ill may not take any medicine which contains even a small amount of edible chametz.

Can I take these? Kupat Holim Clalit has just published a list of medications that are kosher for Pesach 2019.  Click here to access the Pesach kosher medication list.

Learn new Hebrew words

The Ashkenazi/Yiddish pronunciation of the word 'chametz' is 'chometz', however in Hebrew 'chometz' is vinegar.


Word Hebrew Spelling Word Hebrew Spelling
chametz חמץ chometz חומץ


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