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The ultimate downloadable Pesach shopping list.

Hebrew: רשימת קניות לפסח

pesach shopping cart

Do you scratch your head every year trying to remember all the things you need to buy for Pesach and especially this year when we are dealing with Corona? We are not sure from one day to the next if shops will be open and which food items will be available. This is your ultimate master Pesach shopping list designed to make your prep and shopping easier.  Included are items for you Seder Table, special Kasher Le Pesach food items and typical ingredients you will need for your menu planning and cooking requirement for the entire week.  Your individual list is bound to be slightly different to this one but we hope that the items we have listed give you some inspiration.  Ashkenazim and Sephardim have different traditions (minhagim) - so shop accordingly.  Download a printable version of the shopping list


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For the Seder Plate

□? Charoset (buy or make your own from grated apple, chopped nuts, sweet kiddush wine and a splash of cinnamon)

□? Hard-boiled egg

□? Maror (use a bitter lettuce or other bitter leaves)

□? Horseradish (ghrain)

□? Karpas (use celery, parsley or a boiled potato)

□? Shankbone (can use a chicken wing)

Extras for the Seder Table

□? Wine

□? Extra goblet for Elijah the Prophet

□? Seder Plate

□? Extra seating and tables

□? Haggadot for the whole family (remind your guests to bring theirs)

□? Cover for the Matzah and afikoman (with 3 compartments)

□? Salt water

□? Candles (click here for candle lighting times)

□? Nuts, chocolates and fruit for an edible center-piece for your table (Helps keep hunger at bay.  Make sure all chocolates are parev)

□? Flowers

Kosher for Pesach Items

□? Matzah of all types according to your belief or tradition

□? Matzah meal

□? Self-raising cake flour

□? Kneidelach mix

□? Potato noodles

□? Fish (Gefilte or Chreime, Herrings, Salmon)

□? Meat (beef or lamb)

□? Poultry

□? Potatoes

□? Kitniyot (according to your tradition)

□? Quinoa

□? Oil

□? Olive Oil

□? Vinegar

□? Eggs (lots of them)

□? Sugar (powdered for mousse, meringues and other desserts and regular for other)

□? Desiccated coconut

Disposable Items

□? Tablecloths

□? Napkins (serviettes)

□? Soup bowls

□? Small plates for entree and desert

□? Large plates for main course

□? Desert bowls

□? Salad bowls

□? Roasting pans

□? Cutlery (knives, forks, soup/desert spoons, tea spoons, serving spoons and forks)

□? Cups for cold-drinks

□? Wine glasses

□? Cups for hot drinks

□? Paper towels

□? New kitchen towels

□? Tin foil

□? Cling wrap

□? Wet wipes (always useful for special clean ups)


□? Hummous and Tehina (according to your tradition)

□? Assorted pickles

□? Vegetable salad

□? Green or French salad (make or buy a salad dressing)

□? Potato salad

□? Cabbage (coleslaw, red or pickled cabbage)

□? Matbucha and Eggplant salads

Extras ________________________

Extras ________________________

Soft Drinks & Alcoholic Beverages

□? Cold drinks

□? Wine for Kiddush (4 cups each) and socializing

□? Grape juice

□? Other alcoholic beverages like Arak or Brandy (no beer or whiskey)

□? Water

Extras _________________

Extras _________________

Fruit & Vegetables

□? Loads of potatoes

□? Onions (white, red, shallots, spring onions and chives)

□? Carrots

□? Cucumbers

□? Tomatoes

□? Lettuce & other leaves

□? Garlic

□? Lemons

□? Sweet potatoes (batata)


□? Fruit in season (recipe for a fresh fruit salad)

□? Fruit compote (from an assortment of dried fruits)

□? Stewed apples or pears (Granny Smith apples give best results.  A mixture of both apples and pears is refreshing)

□? Chocolate mousse (parev chocolate, sugar, eggs, parev whip)

□? Coconut cakes

□? Meringues or pavlova (strawberries in season)

Download the printable version


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