Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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70 years young. Sing Hallelujah! Countrywide Independence Day celebrations for 2018

Official ceremonies, free concerts, main attractions, picnic spots, free museums, IDF bases, fly-overs... 

חגיגות יום העצמאות ל2018

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Image credit: Israel Ministry of Culture & Sport

Please note:  The schedules and artists listed here may actually change or differ on the evening especially where an artist is scheduled to perform at more than one location. Only the main attractions in selected cities and towns have been included in this list.

Remember wherever you go, parking is at a premium. Routes around the main stages are likely to be closed (check with your local municipality - call 106). Take the train or other forms of public transport wherever possible.  There will be extra trains to Tel Aviv.

This list is being updated daily as more information comes in.